Interviews: varie interviste di Alessandro che riguardano lo spettacolo

LEIWEB.IT, Salvatore Coccoluto, 28 gennaio 2013. (January 28, 2013) Per leggere l’intervista integrale in lingua italiana clicca qui.

Fonte foto: Mauro De Rocco (Simpaty), Teatro Verdi Gorizia.

INTERVIEW FROM LEIWEB.IT, (Salvatore Coccoluto – January 28, 2013)

ALESSANDRO PREZIOSI: “I am a little seducer ‘                                                                                                                                                            

The actor portraying the Cyrano de Bergerac.
And  reveals: “But as sex symbol … with women have always been better with words than deed

The success he achieved on television, with the series Elisa di Rivombrosa. Then came the movie with I Vicerè, Mine Vaganti of Ozpetek, until Maschi contro Femmine of Fausto Brizzi. But Alessandro Preziosi was born in the theater. And in the theater he wants to return.
From time brings in around Italy his Cyrano de Bergerac, the comedy published in 1897 by the French playwright Edmond Rostand. Accompanied by young actors, Preziosi embodies the bold nose monstrous swordsman who fights against injustice and mediocrity. From January 22 to February 10 will make a stop at the Teatro Quirino in Rome. On the eve of his debut in the capital, we went to find out his plans for 2013, a couple of movies coming out, his commitment to young players and “small” dreams to give to children. And we were able to snatch some regret and tell us about “unusual shyness.”

– Preziosi,  things in common with the Cyrano as a romantic hero?

“Surely the healthy irreverence with which I pose to society. Irreverence that over the years clearly is more contained and good-natured. The things that I have in common with him, however, are those that would: be consistent with my principles and not ever stooping to compromises, which in our world is not easy. “

– Could go back, there is some artistic experience of the past that does not repeat itself?

“No, not there. If anything would start first as an actor.
I took a degree in law and then I did for a year practicing attorney. This led me to start late with acting. “

– Not having an outstanding appearance, Cyrano uses verses to win Rossana. Have you ever used the words of love to seduce a woman?

“Of course. Actually I only used those. I have always been scarce during the conquest. Now a little ‘less because they are grown up, but in the past the words represented the most effective way to propose to a woman. Probably due to shyness or insecurity. “

– Preziosi, we did not expect a sex symbol as she had a past as a boy shy and insecure.

“I assure you I’ve always been more good with word than deed.”

– You have always shown a lot of attention to young talents. For years, in fact, is the artistic director of the Link Academy – American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rome. How come you decided to involve them in Cyrano?

“The fear of aging makes bad jokes. (Laughs) The work lent itself to young performers. I think the real training in Italy consists in giving children the opportunity to express themselves. And the theater is the perfect place to experience. There can communicate and share emotions with the public, which the film does not allow. “

– Only a few weeks at the Sanremo Festival. A few years ago, on the stage of the Ariston, we saw you play the piano and sing along with Nicky Nicolai and Stefano Di Battista. You have never thought to develop his passion for music?

“I’d like to die. I think every morning when listening. Really envy my colleague Violante Placido for the courage with which he has decided to divide between music and acting, touring Italy with his group. Follow this path, however, requires great discipline and perseverance. At this time I prefer to devote myself to my work, trying to make it in the best way. And the music will remain a hobby that will remain with me for life. “

– We’ll see you at the cinema with movies in 2013?

“Of course. On March 14, “Il volto di un’altra”, directed by Pappi Corsicato, in which I play a plastic surgeon who works in a private clinic for rich people. Then later comes “Passione Sinistra”, with Valentina Lodovini and directed by Marco Ponti. “

– What role will you have in “Passione Sinistra”?

“I’ll be a man of the right who falls in love with a woman on the left. Then they decided to become ambidextrous. (Laughs) Just kidding, I’ll tell Marco Ponti when the time comes. The filmmakers want to be the first to talk about their work, as it should be. “

– For several years, you are also involved in social with ADRICESTA Onlus. What projects are you currently following?

“At this moment we are working to realize the dreams of small children who are in a state of hospital stay. Collect their letters in which, for example, express a desire to go in a helicopter to meet some or football player, and try to achieve it. In short, very small things, but they do well in these children. Our association, in fact, has as its main goal the spread of the spirit of solidarity. Representatives from ADRICESTA also follow me on tour, placing a desk at the entrance of the theaters in which small funds collected through the sale of pictures, calendars, pens. Again, the purpose is to inform people on how to stay close to those most in need. “

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From Il  (Per leggere l’intervista in lingua italiana clicca qui)

Alessandro Preziosi until 10 February in the shoes of the immortal figure of Rostand
“A Gascon through the physical disharmony expresses the sentimental”

At Quirino until 10 February. Without the big nose mentioned Rostand. With a group of young people, the character played by Danish actor Christian, a new Rossana, Veronica Visentin. Alessandro Preziosi is in Rome with his Cyrano, the poem theatrical run in by far one hundred and twenty replicas in Italy. The show also signs directing. It was decided, as an actor now demanding, the role of the intellectual in love, always a bit ‘Gascon, to which the French author imposes a huge nose and a wonderful dose of irony. Just remember the monologue in which Cyrano lists, parodiandole, the observations for the next to its glorious nostril. One for all: “If I had one such nose, I would immediately cut me.”

 Why, after having previously played the character of the beautiful Christian, who lends Cyrano phrases to woo a woman with whom he is in love pure, chose today the role of bad man, educated and unlucky in love?
“Because Cyrano longs to the moon, the beauty is fascinating in a complex way, stands for qualities that are not simply physical attractiveness. It feels different, but not frustrated, alone, but not abandoned; struck dall’ingenerosità of Nature, but no less capable of play, love of life, of light. “

 Fans in mourning throughout Italy because you “mortify” your appearance?
“I think not. Cyrano without my nose I can express the fundamental psychological situation of a magnificent character: the physical disharmony as a sign of disharmony sentimental. The nose, in short, does not matter, is the metaphor that counts. “

 It has many times declared, with Cyrano, who is “the fairest fight when victory is uncertain.”
“I defy anyone to say otherwise. Who did it, it would be a liar, a coward or lazy. Not always win is important. There is the charm of defeat, or rather, being Cyrano, the charm of inadequacy. “

 A portrait of his character beyond Rostand?
“A puppeteer, a fire-eater, a master of fireworks, an esthete. Also a son of a bitch. At the turn of the Puss in Boots, the Jim Carrey-Andy Kaufman in Man on the Moon, a film by Forman and a communicator complexed. But also a dreamer, an idealist. “

 Christian, you have set up a foreign actor?
“A heart without words. Today would have no problems: the words have been replaced by sports cars, the clothes, the money. “

 What have they added to the show the many replicas that has already had?
“Simplicity. She disappeared every gigioneria, especially on my part. Via the paraphernalia of craft skills acquired over time. Now the show is less pyrotechnic substantiated and more aware. “

 The Italian theater?
“It’s hard. You have to bite the bullet, do things that make sense. I continue to work with the Theater Stable of Aquila, which is really “red zone”. There, I feel useful, in relationship with people, with young people in particular. “

 A wish?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            “The moon. The moon of Cyrano. “

 An Interwiew by Rita Sala,  © REPRODUCTION RESERVED

From (Per leggere l’intervista in lingua italiana clicca qui)

“On stage I gift emotions and remember all the joy of living. And how beautiful solidarity “

An Interwiev by Felicia Caggianelli

Beautiful, capable. But also thoughtful and ready to launch initiatives of solidarity towards others. Alessandro Preziosi is perhaps a protagonist of the show very atypical. Away from gossip and gossip, as well as being the main actor of TV dramas and films such as A love and revenge, females against males, Loose Cannons, it is also engaged in battles for children. And from this theme we began our interview with Alessandro Preziosi at the show Cyrano de Bergerac at the Teatro Quirino in Rome. She is the testimonial of the Association of Italian Research Stem Cell Donation and Transplant Service and is currently committed to promoting and advancing the project “A hole in the wall” directed to overcoming loneliness of isolation of the patients in the wards of pediatric oncohematology.

How do you manage to balance professional commitments with the desire to help those who suffer?
“Until a few years ago it was much easier. I had only a child. Arrival of the second I felt on my skin all the difficulties that lie in supporting the next. But I also realized that in the work by artist could support this battle, so especially with the theater we came up with a way to promote the spirit of solidarity. Collect not only funds, but We strive to spread the message of solidarity for 5 years. Our volunteers are actually on tour with the company before and after the performances and explain to the public the importance of the prevention and care of children who suffer. We are pleased to see that there is always the response of the people, the target audience of our shows is mostly familiar, the problem many parents feel it on their skin. Here’s how I can reconcile its obligations as an actor with the desire to help those who suffer. “

You are the Artistic Director of the Teatro Stabile d’Abruzzo in L’Aquila and often comes into contact with a lot of young artists. What do you teach first thing Alessandro Preziosi children who want to get closer to the world of acting in a very difficult time for the Italian culture?
“I always say a sentence. I believe in dreams, as an actor on stage sell emotions and feelings. In Italy it is difficult to enter the profession of an actor or writer, too many obstacles and little chance to make a real career. The boys laboratories in L’Aquila, as well as in Rome where I run a drama school, I always remember that as human beings first need to establish and carry this love of life before the public. It ‘a simple message, it’s nice to open my eyes every morning and be lucky enough to go on stage and talk about life. “

You often say that at age 24, while working at a law firm, you  realized that your way was the actor. It was the dream as a child or was subsequently struck a spark?
“I honestly do not know. As a child I knew that I was born with the desire to express myself. Increasing the tension became unbearable, you can not be a lawyer when inside you feel the urge to go play and confront with the public. I was landlocked, then came the opportunity of calling the Academy and has changed my artistic life. Perhaps as a child dreamed of being an actor but I did not understand what was really this need. “

Cinema, television and theater. What is the true love of art Alessandro Preziosi?
“Without a doubt the theater. On the stage, take a deep breath the feeling of celebrating life with the audience. In the theater, more than to the cinema and on television where everything is built and tested several times, make real life itself. Embodies feelings. Gifts emotions. Unleash your being. I love the theater, except that I have fame on television and in the movies. “

Cyrano de Bergerac is a very particular. Bold as a swordsman but very tight when it comes to express her feelings. How much of Alessandro Preziosi in Cyrano as a character?
“There is no character I played as I did not give and take emotions and feelings. Cyrano I do not think like me, he is the desire to have fun, to laugh, to face life in a special way. Alessandro Preziosi is also much more, and perhaps not even tell just this side of my life. Too personal. On stage, however, I feel Cyrano to the end. “

Future plans after the tour of Cyrano who is achieving great success?
“At the cinema on March 14 (news: on April 11) released the film Il volto di un’altra directed by Pappi Corsicato. A grotesque comedy about foolishness of our times. Then will come also Passione Sinistra, directed by Marco Ponti. Film of an entirely different kind which I prefer not to anticipate anything. And then of course lots of theater. “

An Interwiev by Felicia Caggianelli, © REPRODUCTION RESERVED

From Il : FINALMENTE “BRUTTO” (Emanuela Ramponi- 4 February 2013).

(Per leggere l’intervista in lingua italiana clicca qui)

The immortal hero of Rostand is recounted, with overwhelming passion and undoubted talent Alessandro Preziosi, director / star of the French masterpiece at the Teatro Quirino in Rome from January 22 until February 10 with repeats.

Abandoned for a long television studios the dark actor, antidivo, par excellence, the hero becomes more romantic loved by the public. Jealous men and women into raptures in front of the class and beauty of the Count Ristori in “Elisa di Rivombrosa” in the “Captain” of the fiction film Rai, has disturbed the slumbers dimoltissime and agguerritissime fans, Alessandro Preziosi, versatile and talented actor Neapolitan finally, in the role of a definition for “ugly”, as far as this is possible to Preziosi, in “Cyrano de Bergerac” that in these days, is the Teatro Quirino in Rome. Director / star of the romantic drama by Edmond Rostand.

 Sliding your biography, and reading your artistic career, long, made up of theater, film, television, you would think that you are at least 70 years instead of 40 … its wonderful talent, good luck, a good looking … And then?
“Maybe I should boast of being able to measure out my work on the basis of an absolute beginning of a journey that I have developed and I have always tried to finish. I’ve done reading on Pavese, of Pessoa, TS Eliot, St. Augustine, always on an ongoing basis. And then, I did not accidentally Hamlet, Shakespeare and again. And my thread, inner, the way I approcciarmi to my work took me then to make films with a certain type of authors, Taviani, Faenza, Ozpetek. And even for comedy I think I given to directors of a certain level, Brizzi, Marco Ponti. I do not know if it was just my ability, but perhaps also lucky enough to choose the work that allowed me to evolve more each time. I get involved when I feel that the project has its own quality consistency. But the artistic continuity certainly comes from good fortune to have had a great imprinting by Elisa Rivombrosa and have been able to benefit from the success of that fiction. “

Alessandro, you come from a high bourgeois Naples. A family entourage strict or permissive?
“”Absolutely, very severe. And more than anything else would point very much present. Yes mine is a family of lawyers, and I remember exactly a great insistence in pointing out, again, what was right and what was not. This is imprinted in my DNA. A consistency that always in my life has allowed me to put into practice everything that my parents have taught me. “

A multifaceted actor, with a thousand souls … You are always different from yourself … A real actor, it must always be recognizable … must be able to change?
“This type of metamorphosis for me works very slow and gentle. They are not for the exasperation of camouflage. Because in Italy in the movies do not need, so exasperated, a total perversion of their look. Much depends on the skill of the directors with whom I work very gradual compared to the characters that I play. I try to find a point of contact with the people with whom I am working, not deciding anything, a priori, as will my character. I’m always the idea of ​​a study slow, precise, aware of the role that I’m going to face. “

 In an interview in 2007 you said barbarian who had the infamous face of cinema. Now, finally, have the right face for the big screen?
“The Italian cinema needs characters, faces that somehow they reflect nature what the director has in mind. In my case, perhaps, it is considered a fish out of water. But it is also true that in the interview to which it relates, that was my out a little ‘child. Thought to be linked to the desire to place … I was not yet entered in the type of players of which many directors, major, have needs. But perhaps there is a time for everything. The theater is the place where instead there seem to be more opportunities for everyone. Each with its own face, more or less unique, with its different features. It ‘a most unusual way, the theatrical. “

You are still convinced that misuse or improper use of television can seriously affect the health (mental) I suppose?
“Yes, I still think so. I think some things contained in the small screen can get lazy minds make the teleutenti helpless. Television makes us float in a non-thought. But still there is a thought of someone more famous than me type Karl Popper, who was not really inclined to Tv seems to me that will make us more passive, mentally, whereas man must have the drive to knowledge, curiosity about everything that does not know. But then we say that now there are the Ipad, so even in a hotel room, you do not need television … “.

If Cyrano was your friend, as you describe it?
“Cyrano? I’d like to be my friend. For the moment, wearing her clothes on stage in Italy, these days are at the Quirino in Rome. I see him as a confidant, a friend who talk about their concerns and able to throw pearls of wisdom. I would say Cyrano de Bergerac which could be a friend motivator. And I like to feel it in my skin, like I feel all the characters I’ve played. “

 The theater is a magnificent obsession for you?

Being famous is congenial to you? Or maybe the classic ivory tower would be more to his case?
“How can I go back. I never gave too much importance to the success. Although, in a non-hypocritical, consider the same as something that you can improve the quality of life, even in a more strictly practical. We say that a great reputation should improve people sometimes makes them more stupid. Notoriety, for me, just as they are genetically shaped, not just incidentally. Alessandro Preziosi has a character and simple, and maybe this just my luck. “

An Interwiev by Emanuela Ramponi.

From “Teatro Manzoni- Cassino” (February 2013)

(Per leggere l’intervista in lingua italiana clicca qui)


(An interview by Teatro Manzoni- Cassino)

Polyhedric actor who is successfully in theater, film and television who has devoted to the general public, after giving a brilliant graduation in law in the drawer, has chosen to follow the sacred fire of the stage and, from 2011, also holds the prestigious position of artistic director of the Teatro Stabile of Abruzzo.
“It was not easy to confront a world that did not know and the early days were hard and now I feel lucky.” – says Alessandro Preziosi
and this is the only statement concerning his private life, taboo subject of his interviews. He sees a barely concealed shyness, an attempt to protect himself from prying eyes which makes it even more fascinating.
We begin to talk about his latest play, Cyrano de Bergerac which director and star and in which he has committed his whole self in an attempt to capture the public what are the peculiarities of the current still terribly famous cadet of Gascony.
“Ten years ago for the same work I interpreted Christian, now I feel ready to stage the protagonist who just uses him to live
love story of his life and who will not be because of his sense of inadequacy. “
What has changed in you as an actor in this period?
“I would say a lot, especially in terms of patience … (sighs). I learned not see results immediately, to know how to wait for the right time for be ready to lead a show. In addition, for the first time, I felt free on the scene. “
The first thing that strikes the viewer is that Alessandro Preziosi has taken the liberty to stage a famous Cyrano nose without form, and I can not help but comment on it. Knows that it is a shared curiosity and I answered with a smile.
“Cyrano has a rich inner world so as to know, which I thought was not necessary to distract the viewer’s attention with an appearance known to all, but it was especially intellectually honest. I just hope to be able to externalize all internal aspects of this character. “
Imagine how much effort it took for an actor considered a sex symbol, clothe his physical inadequacy, of the many tics, his anxieties and uncertainties that lead him not to declare his beloved Rossana if not before I die. In his representation Cyrano is a brave man, an unbeatable swordsman with solid principles which are now missing from our era and it is this contrast between inner and outer fragile and romantic and manly charismatic Alessandro Preziosi gives the best of its interpretation.
Among the general public of television actor is connected to many characters who has admirably served the face and soul of Fabrizio Ristori Rivambrosa,
Consalvo in Vicerè, St. Augustine …
“Each of them has enriched my experience. Dress of a character requires a lot of concentration and dedication but it is even more difficult to leave it.
Enter in your strings and stays there forever. “
The theatrical tour is bringing Precious on stages all over Italy where every night is enjoying undisputed success with the public.
Where we will see you after this hard play?
“The goal is to get you to listen to the world of work, you always have a careful look. Do not ever choose a table, I rely not only on the type of work, but on relationship with people. “
One wonders, there remains some room for the holidays?
“The life of an artist is very difficult even if we are envied because we get to see different places. The trust that was during my trips I
happened so many times to study the scripts and fall in love with the characters.
The tour of Cyrano de Bergerac of Preziosi continues until March.



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